New Madone SPEED – The time to be slow is over.

NEW Madone Speed – The time to be slow is over

Madone SLR is the ultimate road race bike. It’s ideal for your customers who demand the very best in aerodynamics, weight, and ride quality. But it’s always lacked one important feature—the ability to mount clip-on aerobars. But today, we’re launching Madone Speed, which has 100% of the performance of Madone SLR, with the added versatility of aerobars. Utilizing the exact same frame as Madone SLR, the Madone Speed configuration replaces the stem faceplate with one that can accept Speed Concept Mono Extensions. Ride without extensions for group rides and road racing, and then with just two bolts, easily install the extensions for triathlons or time trials.

There are three ways to experience Madone Speed:

1.Utilize the Madone SLR 6 Disc Speed as a stocking model—it’s the easiest way to showcase this versatile bike to your customers. 2.Retrofit any existing Madone SLR with a new stem faceplate and mono extension for your customers who are already riding Madone and want an inexpensive upgrade to unlock extra potential in their bike. Find out about our great launch specials on the new Madone Speed from Cycle4Life, call us on (021)863-4001 or mail me at
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