All NEW Madone SL6 Disc

All new Madone SL Disc – Going Fast just became more affordable

The Ultimate Race Bike Trek unveils all new Madone SL Disc, based on the highly regarded and successful Madone SLR Disc launched last year. Nothing comes close to matching Madone when it comes to the perfect balance of aerodynamics, weight, ride quality, and seamless integration. And now that balance is available to even more riders with the incredible new Madone SL Disc.

Trek’s recipe for the Madone SL Disc was simple: take all the features of the Madone SLR Disc, but use our OCLV 500 Series carbon for the perfect blend of performance and value.

Incredible Aerodynamics

The Madone SL features identical aerodynamics as the Madone SLR, which has won numerous accolades for its performance and speed. The shapes have been honed over thousands of iterations in computer simulations, and result in a bike that will make any rider faster over any terrain.

Superior Ride Quality

Just like its bigger brother, the Madone SL features top tube adjustable IsoSpeed that allows riders to fine-tune their bike to their preferences. Move the slider forwards for more compliance, or rearwards for a stiffer ride. Just like Madone SLR, the IsoSpeed unit is damped, and allows for a more controlled and precise motion. No other aero bike on the planet comes close to this level of ride quality.

Class Leading Integration

Using a traditional bar and stem, Madone SL is able to bring higher levels of fit and adjustability, keeping the cables almost as hidden as on Madone SLR, all while increasing value. This also allows riders to equip standard clip-on aerobars for even more versatility.


What are the differences between the Madone SLR and Madone SL?

The Madone SL comes out of the same molds as the Madone SLR, but uses OCLV 500 series carbon for increased value. This means that all the features of the Madone SLR carry forward, but with a slightly higher weight, around 100 grams. Additionally, the Madone SL uses the same seatmast/top tube IsoSpeed lug, and the same fork as the Madone SLR. As a complete bike, the Madone SL also uses a standard handlebar and stem for increased versatility.

How aerodynamic is the Madone SL?

Since it shares the same KVF tube shapes as the Madone SLR, the Madone SL will have identical aerodynamic performance.

How much does the frame weigh?

The frame uses OCLV 500 series carbon, and weighs 1225 grams, painted, with the seat mast installed and all hardware.

What handlebar and stem come on the Madone SL?

To further increase the value of these bikes, they feature a Bontrager Pro stem with a Bontrager Elite Aero VR-CF bar. This makes it easy to fit any rider to Madone, and allows for ample fit adjustment. The headset and spacer kits

What fit is the Madone SL?

The Madone SL comes in H1.5 fit, the perfect performance race fit developed with Trek Segafredo men and women, as well as a large Trek Precision Fit database taking thousands of riders’ fit data into account.

How big of a tire can I fit on Madone SL?

Like Madone SLR Disc, 28c tires will fit, allowing over 4mm of clearance all the way around the tire, as we recommend.

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