The path to superior performance is paved with curiosity. In 1976, Trek was founded on a question: Why are no high-performance bikes made in the United States? Today, Trek gives the brightest and most passionate cycling designers and researchers the resources to question everything. Because innovation happens only when you have the courage to ask the hard questions and go where no one has gone before. To lead, you must invent.
When I was twelve-years old, my father came home from work one night and proclaimed that we were going to buy bicycles. He and I were going on a bicycle trip. “Okay, Dad,” I told him. As we drove down to pick out bicycles, my dad told me that he had met a guy named Bevil Hogg, a South African who owned a bicycle shop in Madison, Wisconsin. Bevil was looking for someone to invest in his shop. I had my mind on a new bicycle and didn’t really pay any attention. We bought two bicycles, some bicycle...

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